About us

In the year 2005, an old lady by name Mrs. Mallamma was in need of shelter. People in the neighbourhood where wondering where to place this lady. Mr R D Maharaju responded the call and opened his house for her to stay. This act of benevolence laid the foundation for the future work. Slowly Subdramma  along with Sruthi were added. During this time Maharaju got a divine prompt for the work that was just initiated as “Mahima Ministries”, with main focus of the work 

“ to look after orphans and widows in their distress” 

Mahima in Indian languages means “Glory”.

The number started increasing day by day with old aged people, HI infected and affected, Orphans and semi orphans. . As the number grew up to 70 they took a rented house in Arjun reddy Colony. All this while Mr. Maharaju was using up his salary for the sake of the work, with the support of his friends and well-wishers. In the year 2009, there was no money to pay the rent and as they has to vacate the rented premises, finding nowhere to go they approached Mr. Pandurangareddy MPTC. He understanding the situation told that he couldn’t help financially but gave permission to set up a tin sheet shed in this present Ameenpur camps area in the year 2009. During the same time an acre land was given to Maharaju at Vikarabad. The oldage, Destitue and HIV infected and affected people moved to that place after the construction was over. In 2011, another acre land was added to Mahima Ministries at Sidloor, Vikarabad. Which is developed into Community Centre.  In the year 2014, permission to run a upper primary School was acquired. Since then children study in this school upto 7th class.

Over 400 children passed through Mahima Ministries Child Care Institution (CCI) and around 150 people passed through the Old Age Home. Right Now we are having 61 boys and 35 girls in our CCI and around 35 elderly people under our care.

Founder Story : R. D. Maharaju

Born on May 12, 1975, in Krishna District Andhra Pradesh (before state bifurcation). He was the 3rd of the 5 children born to Mrs Renukamma & Mr Goveidaraju. He lost his mother in his childhood. Which was a great loss in his life, and impacted everything. He attended the government elementary school. When he was in his high school, his father joined him in a boarding schoo

l unable to coup up with all the children. This was where he was introduced to the real struggles of life, 

with bare minimum facilities. Sometimes he use to walk 2 km to have a proper bath in the nearby stream. At this stage he lost his only support, his father; which only meant more of struggles and sufferings. In spite of the struggles and many trials, he finished 10th, Intermediate and ITI. Worked in many areas as casual labor at KTPS, sold vegetables and many other small jobs for survival. Joining the River side School as maintenance staff, not only taught him technical and management skills, but also made good friends. He came to Hyderabad in the year 2001 and joined Best Approach Publication, as Network administrator, he is still holding this position. This was the same year he got married to Ms. Padma, not even looking at her, but by just hearing her story he agreed. Now they are blessed with a daughter Selah Doxa and a son Joshua Jesenth.

He was always in a move to upgrade his academics.  With a lot of struggles and busy schedules he successfully completed his MA in Public

 Personal Management from Osmania university and MSW in Rural and Urban Development from Kakataya University. M Div from ACTC, Hyderabad.Mr. Maharaju is a CWC Member (Child Welfare Committee) for Medak District since 2014.

Mr. Maharaju was the only person from Telangana selected to the interview for the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR). A notable highlight was meeting Ms. Meenaka Gandhi, then honorable Minister for Women and Child Welfare Department.  

 It’s been an amazing journey all these years since 2005 to see how things can turn when one trust in God and work. I was born in a poor family in the costal district of Andhra Pradesh. Life wasn’t so easy as a child. Lost my mother when i was in primary school and my father when I was in high school. I completed my education mostly in boarding schools and know the hard ships of a simple child without much care. I never though in my wildest dreams that something like Mahima Ministries will be started and we would be serving so many people. I m humbled at what a small beginning with passion can turn out to be. It all started with a needy old lady who needed shelter, and my family opened the doors for her, and the rest is history.

My heartfelt gratitude to all the people who stood beside me, especially my wife and children who were always supportive and understands.  Friends and mentors who encouraged me to move on this journey.  Donors, supporters and well-wishers who are the key for the sustenance of the work.  Organizations.  MNC’s and individuals who moulded our place into a concrete structure. Local leaders of all parties and religions for being graciously standing for the cause. Without you all it would be a different story all together.

Thank you one and all for being a partner in our Mahima Ministries Journey.

Revu Dharmangada Maharaju